Case Study: Redbrick Communications

Re-platforming: How Redbrick moved from WordPress to HubSpot CMS to improve UX and showcase their work

Redbrick Communications had been running a WordPress website for over 15 years and this has been re-developed several times during this period. However, the growing number of plug-ins and WordPress security updates made content updates difficult and frustrating. The site relied heavily on custom fields and the admin interface needed to be clearer.

They wanted to make significant design changes to improve user experience and editing ability to showcase the work that they do more visibly.


Redbrick is an award-winning reputation management consultancy specialising in brand communications using PR, social media and marketing communications. They work with international brands as well as local businesses within the East Midlands.

Clive Purcell (Joint MD) wanted to modernise the company’s website and move away from WordPress as the Redbrick team had already worked with HubSpot on client projects. The team was finding WordPress increasingly frustrating to work with, and was slowing marketing communications down.

Redbrick were also finding it difficult to track metrics, relying on Google Analytics to try and understand user behaviour. The existing site lacked a conversion path for visitors so few leads were captured from the website.

Why did Redbrick choose to work with Burrows Consulting?

I have collaborated with Clive on many digital projects over the last 20 years. He trusts my advice and I have always been ready to work with him to solve technical issues or provide advice on digital marketing tech. We already had a great working relationship from the outset.

During our discovery call, we agreed that HubSpot CMS Starter would be the perfect entry into the HubSpot ecosystem so that Redbrick could start modernising its marketing tech stack.

“The single most important thing that we needed was the delivery of a user-friendly CMS that can be easily updated by our team so that content is fresh and dynamic, responding to news and current affairs.”

The finished product

I am so pleased that I was able to work with the Redbrick team to transition them away from WordPress and into HubSpot. I could see the benefit that this move would bring to their team so I am glad I was able to make that happen.

“A year from now we would anticipate the Hubspot project providing our business with an integrated CRM and CMS that enables us to proactively market Redbrick, measuring the success of email campaigns that use campaign landing pages and building a list of potential new business leads.”

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