Case Study: Clark Diamonds

Maximising user conversion with eCommerce and HubSpot: Leveraging customer segmentation and data reporting

Clark Diamonds, a trade supplier of diamonds, wanted to streamline its ordering process by launching an online ordering system. They needed a modern website to enhance user experience, make information easily accessible, and integrate a bespoke eCommerce platform

“Moving the marketing website to HubSpot CMS meant that no more time was wasted on WordPress maintenance.”

My team custom-built a bespoke eCommerce platform that allowed real-time stock searches, advanced product filtering, and interactive 3D images. To modernise the marketing website, we migrated it to the HubSpot CMS.

Moving to HubSpot removed the need for ongoing WordPress maintenance and development costs. With no more maintenance costs, the client could reallocate these resources to other areas of marketing that promise more significant benefits.

We defined a conversion path during the strategy phase and set the right KPIs to measure success.

To help speed up the re-platforming process we used the Sprocket Rocket Pro modular no-code HubSpot design framework. We use this on most of our HubSpot projects and this helped us shave at least 2 weeks from the project timeline.


The website rebuild using HubSpot took only 60 days, including the strategy and planning phase. Within three months of launch we were able to demonstrate some amazing results.


Increase in new users


Increase in page viewed


Increase in conversion rate


Conversion-optimised design

During the strategy phase, we defined a conversion path with strategic calls to action guiding users to help users find helpful information.

The HubSpot CMS reporting tools help with tracking and optimisation of CTA clicks, improving the on-site user experience.

Easy maintenance with HubSpot drag & Drop CMS editor

With the HubSpot drag & drop WYSIWYG editor, marketers can maintain and update the website without needing the support of a developer intervention, leading to faster improvement cycles.

HubSpot Drag & Drop CMS Editor
key metrics

eCommerce integration and personalisation with HubSpot

Data from the eCommerce platform is passed via an API back into HubSpot, enabling clear visibility into user behaviour and customer engagement. The client can segment customer data and personalise communications with structured customer data stored in the CRM.

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